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A Welcome Message

from Senior Pastor Patience Rwabwogo


Hello everyone! I'm very excited to welcome you to our Covenant Nations Church home online.

I received the call to ministry from the Lord from 2005-2006. In the space of that year, I continually saw a vision of the African continent coming to life with the Light of God emanating from Uganda outward to the rest of the continent & then the world.

The Voice of the Lord clearly said, "Out of what was called darkness will come a great Light & this Light will come from within you."

When I asked the Lord why the Light was coming out of Uganda the Lord said, "Uganda is the heart of Africa & just like a man’s life is changed when his heart is changed, as Uganda aligns with My purposes, then Africa too will be transformed."

In the vision, I saw someone blowing a shofar & as they did so, the Light started shining first as a very small flicker & growing in strength until the whole continent was full of Light. The Lord revealed that I was the person in the vision blowing the shofar, & that as I did this Africa would awaken to her redemptive purpose.

This is the founding vision of Covenant Nations Church & since that time we have been preaching the Gospel to disciple the nations. (Matt 18:18)

Leadership: About

Leadership Team

Valentino Kamya

Finance Manager

Valentino plays a pivotal role in the financial stewardship of the ministry, encompassing comprehensive budgeting, strategic planning of financial activities and expenditures, and the management of ministry resources and assets. He is responsible for orchestrating the financial aspects of mission activities, delivering regular financial reports to the senior pastor and management team.

Directly accountable to senior pastor Patience M. Rwabwogo, Valentino ensures the ministry's financial health and compliance with its objectives. 


Jean Namara

Church Administrator

Jean runs the day-to-day operations at the church. Her duties include organizing events, maintaining church records & personnel files, ordering & stocking office supplies & assisting with financial management of the church in liaison with the business manager.

Simon Peter Ochero

Associate Pastor

Simon is an ordained minister & is responsible for assisting the senior pastor with ministerial & support needs as they arise. In absence of the senior pastor, Simon receives her ministerial phone calls, oversees & leads worship services, & manages all ministry counseling needs from the church membership & requests from the community.


Wilson Mugarura

Prayer & Marriage Pastor

In liaison with the senior & associate pastor, Wilson organizes & officiates marriage ceremonies in the church where couples are joined in holy matrimony. He also conducts premarital counseling for the prospective bride & groom. On the side of prayer, Wilson organizes all the prayer activities in & outside the church for the organization.

James Kasumba

Outreach Pastor

James functions in leading the church to grow by providing Biblical leadership in the area of Evangelism, working with & under the direction of the senior pastor. A member of the pastoral team, he enables the church to focus on fulfilling the Great Commission & equips the church to carry out the five functions of the New Testament church: Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministry, Fellowship & Worship.


Zippporah Muhinda

Worship Director

Zipporah leads & oversees the daily activities of the church choir. She is responsible for coordinating rehearsals, establishing music-related schedules & budgets, & setting objectives that pertain to the overall worship ministry. She utilizes her musical & leadership skills to facilitate auditions, find potential members & direct each member to achieve the overall desired sound.

Catherine Mulira, Racheal Nabaasa & Annah Grace Ariyo

The Children's Ministers

The children’s ministers manage the religious education program & other church activities for children from infancy through elementary school. Theirs is the responsibility to teach the beliefs of the church to the youngest members of the congregation, & to manage & lead programs that minister to young children & their families, by way of activities, education & counseling.

signal-2021-05-14-195305_002 2.jpeg

Sezi J Nuwewenka

Media Manager

Sezi is the media & visual communication specialist who develops & implements all targeted content for various media platforms for the organization. He conceptualizes & designs all media content, implements & manages all media campaigns & delivers public relations & communications plans.

Michael Ssekadde

Sound Engineer

Working hand in hand with the choir director & the media department, Michael ensures that all the public address systems of the ministry are working optimally. He regularly services & maintains all the church electrical/electronic appliances, facilities & P.A. systems.


Annaliza Twahirwa

Head of Ushering & Protocol

Ushering is a paramilitary group. Annaliza & her team administer security, orderliness & the observation of protocols in all church events. Further responsibilities include: welcoming guests & visitors into the church auditorium/venue of church events & politely directing them to their seats.

Bright Biryomumeisho

Lead Custodian

Cleanliness, they say, is next to Godliness. Bright ensures that the church premises are clean, neat & tidy before, during & after church services. As lead custodian, he regularly organizes, maintains & enforces the observation of sanitation regulations in the church.


Irene Kusiima

Associate Custodian

Irene works hand-in-hand with Bright to ensure the general cleanliness of the main auditorium & other places frequently used in the church. Also, she occasionally collaborates with the ushers to arrange seats & furniture at the venue of church events.

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